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On This Day in History - 16th October


1803Robert Stephenson, English civil engineer; built railway lines and bridges
1854Oscar Wilde, Irish born novelist and playwright
1888Eugene O'Neill, American playwright and Nobel prize winner for literature
1922Max Bygraves, Popular singer and entertainer
1940Simon Ward, Stage and screen actor
1947Terry Griffiths, Welsh world champion snooker player
1947Bob Weir, Of the Pop group 'Grateful Dead'
1960Gary Kemp, Member of the Pop group 'Spandau Ballet'


1555An English protestant, Nicholas Ridley, was burned at the stake for heresy
1793The Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, was found guilty of treason & executed by guillotine in Paris
1815Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to St Helena, an island in the Atlantic
1834A fire destroyed the Palace of Westminster
1964Harold Wilson became Prime Minister (Labour)
1978John Paul II became the first non-Italian Pope
1984Bishop Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel peace prize
1987Hurricane force winds battered Britain, causing severe damage & destroying thousands of trees