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On This Day in History - 30th June


1884Georges Duhamel, French novelist
1893Harold Laski, English politician
1896Howard Hawks, American film director
1917Lena Horne, Singer
1919Susan Hayward, American actress
1933MJK Smith, Cricketer
1939Tony Hatch, Composer
1966Mike Tyson, Boxer


1894Londons Tower Bridge was officially opened to traffic
1908A massive explosion, possibly a comet strike, took place in Siberia
1946The United States conducted an atomic test on island of Bikini
1950The US President allowed American troops to be deployed in Korea
1954The USSR opened its first atomic power plant
1960Belgian Congo became an independent state
1968Gaullists won victory in the French National Assembly elections
1977Roberto Rossellini, the Italian film director, died
1984John N. Turner became the 17th prime minister of Canada